Sri Sri Natya

  • Do you swing your hands and twirl around when you’re happy?
  • Do you express joy by jumping up and down and running across a room?

You express the happiness of your mind - by moving your body. You want to simply let go and dance! It’s interesting that many dance movements have their roots in exercise. Indeed, dance is an extension of exercises, performed gracefully! The neck rotations and eye movements of Bharatnatyam* are exactly like Yoga Asanas.

The Sri Sri Natya was born by assimilating dance and yoga.

Note: * Bharatnatyam is an Indian classical dance form

Benefits of Sri Sri Natya

  • Activates the right side of the brain - improves artistic abilities
  • Improves co-ordination between limbs
  • Lends grace, poise, and beauty
  • Facilitates sound sleep
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Helps lose excess weight

This Five Day Course consists of 2 hr sessions each day and offers:

  • Beautiful experiences through a combination of Dance, Music, Asanas and Meditation.
  • All living beings have a natural tendency to express joy via movement, it is especially the case with human beings, dance being an expression of joy.
  • The precise purpose behind Sri Sri Natya is to enable one and all to experience the joy of movement, or dance; and the healing effects of music.
  • Sri Sri Natya enables one to enjoy the language of Indian classical art forms and to help everyone explore the spirit of dance and music, which is bliss. This workshop is meant to help one leave behind day to day life, and enter a world that is surreal.
  • It is a joy to watch 150 - 450 people sway to music and express themselves through the language of Dance.  


    It was indeed a once in a lifetime experience. I thoroughly enjoyed all 5 days. It made me feel very young at heart (though I am 50 now). I felt very light and my heart was filled with enthusiasm and happiness. I never would have imagined that I will be dancing at this age in front of everybody without even the slightest inhibition! The course was so effective that it helped all of us totally unwind ourselves, forget all our worries, and I can definitely say it had a therapeutic effect in the stressful life most of us are leading these days.  - Mythili Sridhar

    Sri Sri Natya was one of the best gifts that I have received in my life. On the very second day of the course, I experienced absolute bliss and realized the 'SHIVA' within me - Lavanya Subramanian

    I was hesitant in the beginning as I am a BP patient. My BP is quite normal now, and the heaviness in my chest has gone. I fell very active and enthusiastic. - Seshadri Jois

    - I begin by saying that this is A MUST DO COURSE FOR ALL! When we danced with yogic postures to the tune of songs and music with divinity in mind, in a flash I realised that I am indeed divine! - Ravi Anantha Padmanaban

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