Sanskar Kendra


"Education is not about feeding our kids with useful information. It is to make them beautiful citizens of our planet."  - Sri Sri


A person is known for the great work he/she does but above all, it is the values and principles that sets him/her apart from others. From time immemorial, India has been known for its rich culture, traditions and heritage. The traditions and values were passed down the generations through the elders, especially in a joint family system.

Today we live in nuclear families. Often both parents are working. The children spend a lot of time in front of the TV, and in the absence of any credible alternative, emulate what they see. For a nation to develop, economic growth must be supported by a strong foundation of values. Children and youth need value-based leadership. While schools impart formal education, children imbibe values from family and society. Sri Sri Sanskar Kendras bridge the gap.

What are Sanskaras?

The Sanskrit word ‘Sanskar’ has many meanings: values, purification, embellishment, refinement, accomplishment, advice, education.

It is easy to see that sanskars transform children in many ways: by removal of unwanted things; by nurturing of nascent qualities and by doing value addition. As in the case of wheat, all this would mean removal of husk and pebbles; nurturing of nascent qualities through grinding, kneading and cooking; and value addition by adding ghee or sugar or salt.
Isn’t it just wonderful!

What are Sri Sri Sanskar Kendras (SSSKs)?

Understanding this need, Art of Living, under the aegis of Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, has opened Sri Sri Sanskar Kendras for blossoming of children, inculcating values and traditions for their all-round development.

Who can join SSSKs and where?

Children between the age of 7 and 11 years, in groups of 15-25 can benefit from their neighbourhood SSSKs.

What will be taught in SSSKs?

Each weekend, children will paricipate in a 2-hour interactive and playful session which will kindle the Spirit of Inquiry and help them imbibe values of compassion, cooperation, friendliness, smile, laughter, belongingness, caring for others, etc. Each session consists of:

  • Shlokas or Dohas which bring to us the deep stories or meaning hidden behind their simple verses.
  • Inspirational Stories of freedom fighters, saints, great men and women which inculcate the values lived by them.
  • Yoga postures or Asanas to improve mind-body coordination and strengthen the body.
  • Wonders. Wonderful explanations make us wonder how even the most basic things in life have such beautiful meanings, that make such a big difference to our lives.
  • Anecdotes by teachers provide an insight into life and it serves to bridge the gap between the older and the younger generations.
  • Dadi Ma ke Nuske bring the wealth of simple, useful home remedies, so that dependency on medicine is reduced.
  • Games and many other acitivties make learning fun!


Great Seva Opportunity

SSSKs provide a platform for sustainable, dedicated seva for senior and young volunteers of The Art of Living. Each SSSK has about 4 teachers. Each town can have 4 or more SSSKs and their own coordinator. It turns out to be a tremendous learning opportunity for the volunteers too.

 Upon successful completion of the SSSK Teachers Training, volunteers can become SSSK teachers or coordinators.


You can start SSSKs in YOUR State

The Apex Body and the STC nominate a state SSSK coordinator. Together they decide upon the Districts and cities/towns where they want to open their SSSKs.

The Central Team of SSSK, which operates out of Gurgaon, guides and facilitates them step by step for starting them; sets up the training process, and liaises with the State team for smooth operations.



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