Guru Puja is a thanksgiving ceremony remembering all the ancient Spiritual Masters who have brought this knowledge of Self.
 In the presence of a Master, fullness dawns, and Guru Puja is one of the highest expressions of devotion and gratitude to the Master.
 Chanting the Guru Puja unites our minds with the tradition of Spiritual Masters.

 Under the loving guidance of Bhanu Didi, Gurudev’s sister, one experiences divinity through the melodious chants and performance of the Guru Puja.

 The Program days are filled with Guru stories (stories of the Masters) and ancient knowledge and an overwhelming presence of the Master.

 The Guru Puja Program is of two parts

  • Guru Puja Phase I

 This program teaches Puja chants and explores the mysteries of Vedic Knowledge and traditions.

 Pre-requisites : Art of living Teacher or TTC1 + 2  Part II programs + Sahaj Samadhi Program or 4 Part II Programs + Sahaj Samadhi Program

  • Guru Puja Phase II

This program brings the qualification necessary to invoke the lineage of Spiritual Masters through Puja chants (taught in GuruPuja Phase-I program) and performance of the Puja ceremony through auspicious offerings.

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