Tehri Heritage School

Perched on a mountain slope, with direct access to the main road, the Art of Living’s Gurukul at Tehri is set in a picturesque locale with mountains all around, and on most days a cloudless blue sky overhead.

There is nothing to interrupt or disturb the studies or peaceful Sanskrit chantings of the students here. All students are taught the Sudarshan kriya and yoga in addition to the usual syllabus that inducts them into priestly temple worship. The boys are also trained in music, sculpture, the agamas, Vedas, astrology and astronomy and the scriptures.

The daily routine of the school includes yogasanas, morning prayers and pujas, followed by lessons on Stotras, Vedas and Agamas, which are concluded with Satsang and evening prayers. Along with these, the children are given training in practical modern subjects, such as a basic knowledge of how to work with computers.

After completion of their five year training, these pundits are ready to conduct services and rituals in temples and homes all across the country.

During the nine nights of the Navaratri festival, thousands of people meditate as the children chant for the Pujas and Yagnas in a synchronized and rhythmic manner. Every aspect of their learning and practice is directed towards universal peace and prosperity through the elevation of universal consciousness.

The Vedas are important in the context of providing world peace through meditation; the chanting of sacred mantras during the pujas, havans and yagyas contribute to spreading harmonious vibrations in the atmosphere. Performed on a large scale and in the correct manner it has a big impact on promoting global peace. The Vedas promote the idea of a One World Family and the idea that everything from animate to inanimate matter is made of the same substratum. This idea of everything being connected is in modern science promoted by Quantum Physics – where more and more findings are pointing to this fact spoken thousands of years ago by the Rishis (Yogis) of India. And so the Vedas are a precious heritage gift from Ancient India, to be preserved and used for creating a better, safer and happier world.

The Gurukul can accommodate 80 people and contains a Meditation Hall that can seat a hundred odd people, where pujas, yagyas and Part 2 courses happen.


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