Bangalore Heritage School


The Heritage school or Gurukul, located at the Art of Living International Headquarters in Bangalore, consists of two parts: the Agama Pathshala and the Veda Pathshala.

The Agama Pathshala aims to preserve the age old rituals of temple worship as they were laid down in the ancient scriptures - the Agama. The school offers a five year training program that teaches students from all over India how to conduct temple rituals: pujas, abhishekas and other rituals. The students learn the Dravidian Style of vedic chanting. The course syllabus also includes study of the Veda, Agama, Sanskrit language, Astrology, Yoga, music, Sculpture, Epics and Shaivic scriptures from the dravidian tradition.

The daily routine of the school includes yogasanas, morning prayers and pujas, followed by lessons on Stotras, Vedas and Agamas, which are concluded with Satsang and evening prayers. They also receive practical training in Yagnas and Homas. Astrology, music and sculpting are taught as additional skills. Along with these, the children are given training in practical modern subjects, such as a basic knowledge of how to work with computers. After completion of their five year training, these pundits are ready to conduct services and rituals in temples and homes all across the country.

During the nine nights of the Navaratri festival, thousands of people meditate as the children chant for the Pujas and Yagnas in a synchronized and rhythmic manner. Every aspect of their learning and practice is directed towards universal peace and prosperity through the elevation of universal consciousness.

The Veda Pathshala specializes in teaching the ancient Indian traditions: the Vedas. There are two groups in which the children are categorized in the Veda school. One group has full-time lessons on Veda, in which they learn the three types of Veda: Rig, Yajur and Sama Veda. The other group of students only learns Veda in the morning and evening hours, while during the rest of the day attending our VVMVP (Ashram) School, where they are taught modern science and languages. The age group for the Veda school is 11-14 years. It is a full-time, residential program and children from all over India can study here.


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