Gujarat Campus

Located on the banks of the tranquil Mahi River, on the outskirts of Baroda city, the Gujarat Campus, spread over 14 acres of land, makes for the ideal retreat from a frenetic city life. With its undulating hillocks and serene ambience the Gujarat Campus is in some ways reminiscent of and considered by many to be a miniature version of the Bangalore Campus (the International Headquarters of The Art of Living). It is with this comparison that it has lovingly acquired the nickname - Baby Ashram.

The most prominent building on the land is Sri Sri’s (Gurudev’s) Kutir, which stands on a hillock and appears almost suspended in the air. This tiny yet quaintly built private space is perched on top of a hall that is open on all sides offering a panoramic view of the river as well as the sloped pathways of the campus grounds blooming with flowers and trees. The Hall is reached after climbing a curved cascade of steps. A wrought iron spiral staircase joins the hall to the Master’s kutir which is built in wood in the traditional Gujarati style.

Courses, discourses and sadhana are conducted in this hall. When Gurudev is visiting, visitors come here for a private tete a tete with the Master. The doors of his room are open to visitors on special occasions like Gurudev’s birthday and Guru Poornima.

The Campus buildings are built around a large park that contains an amphitheatre where pujas and satsangs are conducted on a public scale. The Gokul Meditation Hall is a newly constructed air conditioned hall where conferences and courses such as the corporate APEX course, Advance course, DSN, Blessings, and YES!+ take place. At the other end of the campus, near Gurudev’s kutir, is another hall with a thatched roof and charmingly rural feel. This is the Riverside Meditation Hall. All courses, including pujas and satsangs are held here.

In the evenings, as the day cools down, it is a common sight to find a number of visitors clamber down the steep hillocks and make their way to the river to marvel at the lilies and lotuses at the river’s edge or take a boat ride on the lake like waters. The place is further enlivened by the presence of peacocks. Droves of peacocks and a community of other birds live around the campus. In the mornings and evenings, when the temperature drops, you can find them perched on trees calling out to one another or gracefully dancing.

The campus features other buildings like The Divine Shop, a Panchakarma (Ayurvedic Wellbeing) center, a kitchen, a thriving Goshala and a number of residential buildings. Vasad Ashram is known for its soulful satsangs, scrumptious satvik meals and cheerful volunteers. This campus is truly Gujarat’s haven of love and celebration.

Places of Interest around the Campus:

The Ranchhodraiji (Sri Krishna) temple at Dakor is a famous pilgrimage place, around 39km or 21 miles away from the Gujarat Campus. The place is abuzz with pilgrims and festivity on all full moon nights.

How To Get There:

The Art of living Campus in Gujarat is located at a distance of 35 km from the domestic airport and 100 km from the international airport .The campus is at a distance of 35 km from Vadodara Junction and about 25 km from Anand Junction.

By Air

The nearest Domestic Airport - Vadodara Airport is 35 km away from the Campus and the International Airport which is at Ahmedabad is 100 km away.

By Train

If Travelling by Express Train get down at Vadodara Junction which is 35 km from the Campus or Anand Junction 25 kms away from the Campus; and if you are travelling by the local Memu Train then get down at Vasad Station, 9 km away from the Campus.

By Road

GSRTC Buses ply throughout Gujarat so you can catch a bus from your nearest bus stop. You will have to get down at Vasad Bus Stop, 7 km away from the Campus.




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